ms², Ogrodowa 19, audiovisual room


09.05.2018, Wednesday, at 18:00 hrs

Thirty years after his death, Joseph Beuys is still considered a visionary and one of the most influential artists of his generation. He is known mainly for his participation in the international movement of Fluxus and his versatile undertakings - from happenings and performances to sculpture, installations and graphics. Beuys's concept of the role of an artist places him at the centre of a social discourse on such subjects as:  media, community or capitalism. The film presents previously unused visual and audio materials, with the help of which the film director - Andres Veiel has created a unique chronicle. "Beuys" is not a traditional portrait of a well-known character, but an intimate and in-depth look at another person, an artistic expression of another artist’s creativity and the influence he had on the world around us.

Director: Andres Veiel

Music: Ulrich Reuter, Damian Scholl

Editing: Stephan Krumbiegel, Olaf Voigtländer

Ticket price: PLN 8

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