Movie screening: Fashion House Limanka and The Last Train to Warsaw



ms2,Ogrodowa 19, audio-visual room


September 4, 2019, Wednesday, 6 p.m.

Has the 5 minutes of Fashion House Limanka already passed? Will Dominika, Sasa, Kacper and Tomasz catch the last train to Warsaw? How to eat onions in Łódź to enter the canon of the European cinema?

We invite you to the screening of suspenseful short film production, the implementation of which was hanging by a thread to the last minute. To finish the film, Fashion House Limanka collective were forced to sell clothes made especially for the exhibition at the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź. Thanks to the money collected from this online auction, the "Last Train ..." arrived in Warsaw on time, where it could be seen as part of the U-jazdowski Project Room. The dramatic situation accompanying the production of the film vividly reminds the adventures of the characters trying to leave the dead city, which is peripheral Łódź, tormented by constant renovations.

The film, invented and made by Fashion House Limanka and Jakub Dylewski,  with the screenplay by Monika Dembińska, is located in the capacious space somewhere between fiction and autobiography, and despite the fact that the mark of magical realism is clearly imprinted on it, it would be difficult to put it between fairy tales either. This, most likely, will be one of the subjects Tomasz Majewski will be talking about with Dominika, Sasa, Kacper and Tomek.

Fashion House Limanka - a project co-created by Tomasz Armada, Sasa Lubińska, Kacper Szalecki and Dominika Ciemięga. It was brought to life in mid-2017 and lasted till May 2019. Since their appearance on the Łódź artistic scene, the creators have been hailed as wonderful children of native fashion, photography and anti-culinary programmes. In a short time of their activity - carried out mainly in the apartment whose tenants are members of Fashion House Limanka - they managed to organize dozens of actions, concerts and other projects, often with the participation of their guest artists. At the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, they realized the performative reading of the play 'Flat' (2018) and the exhibition 'Prototypes: Fashion House Limanka. New Collection "(2019).

Tomasz Majewski is a cultural and film studies expert, associated with the Department of Anthropology of Literature and Cultural Studies of the Jagiellonian University. He teaches the history of animated film at the Film School in Łódź and the history of culture at the University of Łódź. He is an author of the book “Dialectic Effusions. Frankfurt School and Popular Culture" (2011) and an editor of the volumes “Reconfigurations of Modernism. Modernity and Popular Culture" (2009), “Memory of the Shoah" (2009) and “Memory of the Shoah. Cultural Representations and Commemorative Pratices”(2010). He has published articles in the “Kwartalnik Filmowy", “Kultura współczesna", “Dialog”, and “Teksty Drugie”. Privately Limanka Fashion House's neighbour.

Film with English subtitles.

Ticket: PLN 1

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