Linguism and philozoosophia. Poetic experiments and manifestos of Andrzej Partum. Lecture by Agniszka Rejniak-Majewska

ms2, Ogrodowa 19
Thursday, 25 February 2016, at 18.00 hrs.

A lecture in the series ‘Relations of literature and visual arts after 1945

The history of conceptual art is partly also a history of ‘common places’ linking it to the concrete poetry and the philosophy of language. The conceptual artists sought theoretical inspiration from analytical language philosophy but also spontaneously adopted an analytical and reflective stance towards the  substance of their activities. In this context, Andrzej Partum’s case is special in as much as his point of departure was the poetic experiment – the furthest possible from the sense of clarity and verbal coherence, while the theoreticism and intellectualism of conceptualism were for him rather a subject of mockery and provocation.

Reportedly, Partum-poet visited the Director of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Professor Tadeusz Kotarbiński, to ask for assistance in analysing his own work and in “jumping over the problem of  the matter in this poem’. The author of ‘Praxeology’ took a practical stance, introducing some minor corrections to the text, while the whole ‘performance’ provided material for the narrative perfectly reflecting Partum’s understanding of the relation between poetry and philosophy.

The lecture will deal with Partum’s collections of poems „Frekwencje z opisu” [Frequencies from the Description] (1961), „Powodzenia nieurodzaj. Zwałka papki” [Success Failure. Dumping Mash] (1965), „Osypka woli”  [Sprinkling of the Will] (1969) and „Tlenek zasobów” [Reserve’s Oxide] (1970), as well as, later programme texts and manifestos.

Although the oeuvre of Partum cannot be limited to the analysis of his texts, Agnieszka Rejniak-Majewska will investigate into the relations between his early writing work and the style of his later and better known performance. Provisionally, these relations can be summarised in the formula ‘coding of art against exact communicativeness’. It is not far from here to the question about conceptual framing of his work in contemporary criticism and history of art.

Agniszka Rejniak Majewska - an art historian and aesthetician, assistant professor at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Łódź. Her research interests cover European and American modernism, the history of artistic criticisms and avant-garde ideas, with the study of their extra-artistic, local and idiosyncratic determinants and transmutations. The author of numerous translations and texts on art. Most recently she published „Migracje modernizmu: Nowoczesność i uchodźcy” [Migrations of Modernism: Modernity and Refugees] - edited together with Tomasz Majewski and Wiktor Marzec (2014) and the book „Puste miejsce po krytyce? Modernizm i materialistyczna rewizja autonomii sztuki” [Empty Space after Criticism? Modernism and the Materialist Revision of Art Autonomy] (2014).

Admission free

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