Limanka Fashion House in a play, The Flat, and a meeting with Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff



ms2, Ogrodowa 19, "Peer-to-Peer" exhibition space


12 October 2018, Friday at 18:00; 13 October 2018, Saturday at 17:00; 14 October 2018, Sunday at 17:00

Event accompanying the exhibition "Peer-to-Peer. Collective Practices in New Art".

"When I reflect on the past: our voices got hoarse, our hair got tarnished, after our protests we finally fell to the ground. This is not the paradise we were fighting for... a shared flat... a restaurant... it…" – says disappointed Cynthia, one of the five tenants of The Flat, a play from the repertoire of Berlin’s New Theater, whose Łódź adaptation you are invited to by the Limanka Fashion House.

In the play’s apartment, ramen is served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Star, Arnold, Kevin, Cynthia, and Marion – thrown into one pot just like the soup’s ingredients – try to compose a well-harmonized, collective recipe for maintaining their own lives and supporting some undefined “mission.” Over time, however, the mission of the organization seems to weaken, the ramen cools down, and the protagonists slowly change from comrades and roommates into collaborators only. This autumn, on the Łódź pavement in an indefinite future, where even garbage tanned by climate change can be haute couture, Star, Arnold, Kevin, and Marion faced the question: "Does being a collective mean more than just watching whose turn it is to buy coffee?"

The Flat was staged in the “Peer-to-Peer. Collective Practices in New Art” exhibition space, located at ms2, ground floor, three times: on Friday, 12 October, Saturday, 13 October, and Sunday, 14 October.

Additionally, on Saturday there was a meeting with the authors of the script, Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff, which took place directly after the performance.

The meeting will be held in English.

Original script: Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff

Adapted and directed by: Dom Mody Limanka/Limanka Fashion House


Star - Monika Dembinska 

Arnold - Tomasz Armada

Kevin - Kacper Szalecki

Cynthia - Dominika Ciemięga

Marion - Sasa Lubińska

Patrick - Pamela Bożek

Deardra - Kinga Świtoniak

Sara - Aurelia Mandziuk

Phillip - Jakub Dylewski

Chelsea - Aleksandra Grabarz

Milton - Marcin Polak

Daniel - Dawid Furkot

Narratorka - Coco Kate

Dom Mody Limanka/Limanka Fashion House

The Limanka Fashion House was created by Tomasz Armada, Coco Kate, Sasa Lubińska, and Kacper Szalecki in mid-2017. From the moment they appeared on the Łódź art scene, they were considered the whiz-kids of local fashion, photography, and anti-culinary programmes. In the short time of their activity – performed mainly in the apartment, whose tenants are the members of Limanka Fashion House – they have managed to organize dozens of artistic events, concerts, and other performances, often with guest participation by various subsequent creators.

New Theater

Under the banner of the New Theater, founded in Berlin and active between 2013 and 2015/16, the plays and stage performances were created collectively, for which the stage designs, soundtracks, and costumes were prepared by the community of artists involved in a particular project. It consisted mainly of European and American visual artists and writers engaged in those performative amateur productions and drawn into them by Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff. Most of the themes and scenarios created in this way were devoted to the problems of being together, often in the trap of toxic relationships.

Tickets costing 1 Polish Zloty can be purchased on the ground floor, at the museum box office.


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