Let's Dance: On Tour. The Evening of Performance

ms², Ogrodowa 19,  main hall

27  May, 2017, Saturday, 7:00 p.m., admission free (limited number of seats)

The event is a presentation of three lectures-performances which were coined while performing residence research  of  the "Let's Dance" exhibition that took place at the Art Stations Foundation in Poznań in 2015. The works by Marta Ziółek, Agata Siniarska, Przemek Kamiński and Mateusz Szymanówka build on the roots of choreographic practices developed at the point where performing arts met visual arts , in particular, referring to the New York's dance avant-garde of the 1960s and its contemporary reception.


it’s not a lecture

it’s choreography

this choreography speaks and dances

“The dancer, starting in the nineteenth-century ballet, leads the audience through the gradually developing great dance reform encompassing two continents, with its German and American consequences, to finally presenting the choreography turning away from dance itself and focusing on the body. Other themes include reflections on the definition of choreography, its entanglement in the philosophical, political, theatrical and psychological contexts, and lastly, on relationships and communication within the triangle of the creator, the work and the audience " . (From Hanna Raszewska's review, POLSKA.pl)

Agata Siniarska: HYPERDANCES

Post Modern Dance artists through their activities extended the realm of what dance used to be  - they started to treat every single movement  as if it was a form of  dance ;  each human body, even the one with no professional training,  received the status of a dancing body; its stage became the street or the museum floor. Through collective actions, as well as the use of ‘ready made’, dance became more democratic and the problem of authorship was questioned - all this taking place against the political context of the 1960s. The basic question that Siniarska asks herself in this project is what elements may currently build our perception of dance. She is also interested in how these post-modern dance revolutions can be reformed in the present world – in the times of formulating great goals in which dance can "act" on a grand scale. As the performer herself explains, " it’s not  a street / scene / museum but the whole Earth! It’s not a collective action, but the infinite multiplicity of tangles. It’s not Dolly Parton,  but the sheep,  Dolly. Not only the human body, but the net full of vibrating human and non-human matter ".


The purpose of the project is to explore the possibilities of working on various types of historical material in the context of the artists’ work associated with the New York Dance Avant-garde of the 1960s. At the heart of Kamiński and Szymanówka quest is the analysis of the influence of Judson Dance Theater's heritage on the Polish dance scene and its history, as well as the use of cumulative quotations, choreographic practices and performance strategies of those times. The main subject is also the variety of ways of constructing and reconstructing history (media properties, fragmentation and contradiction of historical narratives, influence of the sources), alongside the problem of the body as a space for writing and critical discussion with history, its possibilities of remembering and forgetting, processing and distorting , active memorizing and passive remembering. Performance is an ephemeral installation in which quotations,  recollections and fantasies are invoked and put into motion through body and sound and becoming the basis for a new composition, being created in front of its spectators.

Marta Ziółek - choreographer and performer, graduate of University of Warsaw and the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. In her work she focuses on extending the field of choreography practice and exploring new forms of expression and embodiment of subjects. She uses the language of new technologies and pop culture; she is interested in new rituals and performance of identity. She has participated in various workshops and projects, and has collaborated with such choreographers and theorists as Bojana Cvejić, DD Dorvillier, Deborah Hay, Maria La Ribot, Travis Harrell, Benoit Lachambre, Ann Liv Young, Xavier Le Roy, and Meg Stuart.

Agata Siniarska – is a fictional character with many talents and criminal past, consciously "entering" the choreographic sequences. Trying, over the years,   various types of theatrical forms, studying choreographic work at the HZT in Berlin, dependent on fiction, she conducts her artistic inquiries, creating from herself, through the cultural structures assigned to her, the tools of visual rhetoric. Each image, fuelled by the energy of a deep theoretical moan, is created with passion and fascination. Rarely doing it alone, she invites a company of many great adventurers.

Przemek Kamiński - dancer, performer and choreographer. He graduated from the Dance, Context, Choreography at HZT Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin. He works both in the field of performing arts and visual arts. He is interested in choreography understood as an extended practice that manifests itself in a multitude of formats and media. As a dancer, he regularly collaborates with Berlin choreographer Isabelle Schad. He has also performed in the projects by: Juan Dominguez Rojo, Krzysztof Garbaczewski, Nicole Seiler, Kirstine Kyhl Andersen, Harakiri Farmers (Dominika Knapik, Wojciech Klimczyk) and Julian Weber.

Mateusz Szymanówka – independent playwright and curator engaged in modern performance, dance and choreography. He studied Culture, Theatre and Dance Studies in Warsaw and Berlin. He collaborated with Agata Siniarska, Korina Kordova, Ania Nowak, Marta Ziółek, Przemek Kamiński and Martin Hansen. As a curator he prepared projects for:   Studio Theatre in Warsaw (summer edition of Studio Dance Scene "Like the Thing" 2016), Jan Tarasin Gallery in Kalisz ("Back (to) the Future") 2016, Muzeum Sztuki Art in Łódź (exhibition "Frames of Reference. Choreography in the Museum" -  with Katarzyna Sloboda, 2016).

Organiser: Art Stations Foundation

Partners:  Awangarda BWA Gallery Wrocław, Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź and Labirynt Gallery in Lublin

The project made in co-operation with the Institute of Music and Dance, as part of "Scena dla tańca 2017"[Dance Floor 2017] project.

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