Ewa Partum's Art of Conceptual Translation. Lecture by Tamara Brzostowska-Tereszkiewicz

ms2, Ogrodowa 19
31 March 2016 at 18:00 hrs, admission free

Lecture organized in relation with research project Liaisons of Literature and Visual Arts after 1945

Tamara Brzostowska-Tereszkiewicz proposes to read the art of Ewa Partum in the light of current theoretical discussions on conceptual translation and metatranslation. Poetry objects (Poems by Ewa, 1970) and metapoetic installations (e.g. Active Poetry, 1971/73, 2014, Metapoetry, 1972, Aussage Pur – Goethe in Goethe Aktion, 1997, text installation with a music stand at the National Museum in Warsaw, 2001 or Installation Metapoetry „A la recherche du temps perdu” according to Marcel Proust, 2012) make an interesting starting point for considerations on modernist artistic translation.

Tamara Brzostowska-Tereszkiewicz – lecturer at the Department of Historical Poetics of the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, graduate of the Institute of English Literature and the Institute of Polish Literature of the  Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities at the University of Warsaw. Author of the monograph Evolutions of Theory. Biologism in Modernist Russian Literary Studies (2011) and Modernist Translation. An Eastern European Perspective. Models, Semantics, Functions (2016), translator of the writings of O.M. Freudenberg, M.M. Bakhtin and Bakhtinologists. Her interests include the history of East and Central European literary studies, modernism in Polish, Russian and Anglo-American literature as well as history, theory and criticism of literary translation.

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