Desperate scream of reason: Collège de Sociologie and "modernity". Lecture by Tomasz Swoboda

ms2, Ogrodowa 19
Thursday, 18 February 2016, at 18.00 hrs

A lecture in the series ‘Cartographies of the unknown’, accompanying the exhibition entitled ‘Atlas of Modernity’.

The Collège de Sociologie was strange, half-formal institution, established by Georges Bataille and Roger Caillois. Its activities focused on organising meetings of the most prominent European intellectuals, residing in Paris in between 1937 and 1939. Their works, concentrating on the presence of myth and sacrum in social existence, were one of the last responses to the expansion of the mythical force of fascism.

The ideas born at the Collège and within the activities of its esoteric form, namely the secret  Acéphale association, make it possible to reconsider the 1930s, as a specific moment in the history of modernity. The one, when contradictory forces use the same language and the project aiming at creation of a new man and new society is lined with ambiguities typical of dialectics of reason.

Tomasz Swoboda - Professor at the University of Gdańsk, expert in modern French philosophy and literature, translator and translation critic, esseist and musician. The author of „To jeszcze nie koniec? Doświadczanie czasu w powieści o dekadentach“ [This Is not the End yet? Experience of Time in Novel on Decadents] (słowo/obraz terytoria, 2008), „Historie oka. Bataille, Leiris, Artaud, Blanchot“ [Histories of the Eye. Bataille, Leiris, Artaud, Blanchot] (słowo/obraz terytoria 2010), as well as, „Powtórzenie i różnica. Szkice z krytyki przekładu“  [Repetition and Distinction. Sketches from Translation Criticism] (Wyd. w Podwórku 2014). He translated Baudelaire, Nerval, Sartre, Bataille, Leiris, Caillois, Foucault, Poulet, Richard, Ricoeur, Vovelle and Barthes. A laureate of the ‘Literatura na Świecie‘ Prize for translation (2008) and Andrzej Siemka Prize for the book ‘Histories of the Eye‘ (2010).

Admission free

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