Copy by Anticipation. Lecture by Prof. Tomasz Swoboda

ms1, Salon de Fleurus,  Więckowskiego 36
21.04.2016 at 18:00 hrs, free admission

The notion of “plagiarism by anticipation” – a phenomenon that in its own way reverses the chronology of history – has been used in literature for many years.  Can this paradox be expanded, also in relation to the history of art, to include the possibility of the idea of a “copy by anticipation”? Prof. Tomasz Swoboda will try to answer this question in his lecture.

Tomasz Swoboda – PhD. hab., Professor of the University of Gdańsk and University of Szczecin. Translator of the writings by, inter alia, Charles Baudelaire, Roger Caillois, Michel Foucault, Gerard de Nerval, Paul Ricoeur, and Jean-Paul Sartre. Author of the following books: To jeszcze nie koniec?: doświadczanie czasu w powieści o dekadentach [It Is not the End yet? Experience of Time in  Decadents-Dedicated Novel] (Gdańsk 2008), Historie oka: Bataille, Leiris, Artaud, Blanchot [The Stories of the Eye](Gdańsk 2010), Powtórzenie i różnica: szkice z krytyki przekładu [Repetition and Difference: Essays about Critical Studies of Translation] (Gdańsk 2014). His research areas also include the theory and history of literature, translation and critical studies of translation. He received a scholarship from Le Centre National du Livre, and was awarded by the „Literatura na Świecie” for translation (2008) and received Andrzej Siemka Prize for Historie oka (2010).

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