ms2, Ogrodowa 19, cafe Awangarda
Friday, 9 June 2017, admission free


"In antiquity, life was nothing but silence". It was nothing but this statement, this quotation from the introduction to The Art of Noises  manifesto by Italian futurist Luigi Russolo, that inspired Opening Performance Orchestra to start contemplating their own music contribution to the futurist theme.

On the occasion of the opening of Enrico Prampolini. Futurism, Stage Design and the Polish Avant-garde Theatre the ensemble will perform The Futuristic Soirée – a piece for three intonarumoris, experimental musical instruments invented by Luigi Russolo at the beginning of 20th century. During the performance the intonarumori’s music will be mixed with extracts from futuristic manifests by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Balilla Pratella.

Opening Performance Orchestra is a seven-membered ensemble moving within a large genre span – from 20th century electronic thrusts of the musical avant-garde as far as contemporary Japanese  noise  music.  The  ensemble´s  own  work  is  based  on  the  so  called  fraction  music, when  the  initial  sound  is  digitally  destroyed,  fractured,  and  uncompromisingly  rid  of  all  its original attributes in the sense of the credo „no melodies – no rhythms – no harmonies“. The results  are  original  compositions  (such  as  Spring  Ceremony  or  Fraction  Music,  Evenfall, Creeping  Waves)  as  well  as  reinterpretations  of  other  composers’  work  that  the ensemble  feels  to  be  in  the  same  vein  –  like  Inspirium  Primum,  referring  to  the  material  by Hiroshi  Hasegawa,  a  Japanese  noise  music  representative,  Re:Broken  Music,  based  on destroyed music of a Czech Fluxus artist Milan Knížák, Chess Show, as a distinctive John Cage reminiscence, Perceived Horizons, a tribute to musique concrète, or the futuristic The Noise of Art and The Futuristic Soirée.


Opening Performance Orchestra, guest: Phaerentz

Futuristic Soiree (2015), acoustic version, duration approx. 30 minutes

for three intonarumori and two narrators

musical concept & intonarumori by Opening Performance Orchestra, narration by Phaerentz

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