Concert: Alessandro Bosetti, Gerhard Rühm and Monika Lichtenfeld

ms1Więckowskiego 36,

3rd March 2017, Friday, 19:00, entrance fee: 8 PLN (tickets available at the counter), number of guests limited


The concert will accompany the closing of the exhibition „The Museum of Rhythm”.

Gerhard Rühm and Alessandro Bosetti are both artists, whose works are included in the content of the exhibition. They share similar interests focused on sonorous aspects of verbal communication. Rühm is a classic within the field of concrete poetry, however, his works can be positioned somewhere amongst music, literature and visual arts, as he constantly blurs the lines between them. As a part of the concert, he will present a two-voice composition, together with Monika Lichtenfeld. Bosetti, on the other hand, is a composer whose means and methods of creating result from using musicality of spoken language as a tool for composing. His recent work has been based on the notes he found in Brno, written by Leoš Janáček, who attempted to write down certain fragments of spoken language, together with musical notations of words as well as sounds of everyday life.

Alessandro Bosetti – composer, performer and sound artist, currently living in Marseille. Throughout his career, he has been performing in leading venues as the GRM festival in Paris, The Stone in NYC and Cafe OTO in London, among many more all over Europe, Asia and the United States. One of the most innovative radio artists of his generation, he has been composing for the main radio studios in Europe, most notably for the historical WDR’s Studio Akustische Kunst in Cologne and Deutschland Radio Kultur in Berlin. In his works, Bosetti explore the musicality of spoken language and sonorous aspects of verbal communication, with a special emphasis put on translations. He utilizes misunderstandings and translations as tools used to create compositions, that blur the lines between pieces for voice and electronics. Soon after he had received the IDAF prize 2013, Blow Up magazine called him “one of the most anomalous and fascinating figures in the contemporary scene”.

Gerhard Rühm – Austrian writer and composer, one of the founders of the “Wiener Gruppe”. At first, he had studied composition and oriental music, however, very soon his interests developed into language and literature as well. As a result, his contemporary artistic practice focuses on the understanding of absolute interdisciplinarity, consequently working across music, literature, gesture and visual arts. As a co-founder of the “Wiener Gruppe”, Rühm sought radically new forms of literature through treating language as a visual and acoustic medium. Since the beginning of the 1950s, he has been creating sound and visual poetry, poetry of spoken word photomontages as well as publishing books. One of the key aspects of Rühm’s career is his cooperation with Austrian poet Monika Lichtenfeld, who accompanies him on stage. Together, they have been exploring certain aspects of traditional music genres, decomposing them and recreating, using contemporary means and techniques of composition. 

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