City of Women, City of Work. Walking the Łódź Women's Route

15 November at 11:00 hrs
Meeting place: the junction of Gdańska and Zielona streets, southeast corner

Event accompanying the exhibition „All Men Become Sisters” prepared in cooperation with Łódzki Szlak Kobiet [Łódź Women’s Route] collective.

The history of Łódź urban tissue has the face of a working woman. This perspective will be adopted to look at Stare Polesie district where the route runs. We will walk past already closed factories and tenant houses from various periods, which offer living space of different quality. In such a neighbourhood we will be telling a story about working in factories but also about domestic work, the so called second shift. Some stories that we will present are memories of women from the Adult Day Care Centre „Włókniarz”. They will be integrated in the context of social changes and emancipation processes of the 20th century.

The walk will finish in the vicinity of ms² to enable visiting the exhibition to those interested.

More information about Łódzki Szlak Kobiet collective.


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