Chaplin or Comedy of Modernity. Lecture by Paweł Mościcki

ms², Ogrodowa 19
8 March 2016, Tuesday at 18:00 hrs, admission free

A lecture in the series “Cartographies of the Unknown”

What can burlesque-style film tell us about modernity? Is it a direct product of modernity or an intricate symptom that enables the era to convey something that cannot be expressed explicitly? And how should we interpret the fact that comedy had dominated the language of modernism due to the invention of a cinematograph? Against the backdrop of such  constellation who is Charles Chaplin – the greatest star of slapstick and a careful observer of his times?  In the course of the lecture we will try to demonstrate what is meant by comic dynamics of modernity and how Chaplin used it in his films.

Paweł Mościcki – philosopher, essayist and translator, assistant professor at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, member of the Franz Kafka University of Muri. His interests include modern philosophy, various fields of arts (literature, theatre, cinema, and visual arts) as well as critical political discourse. He received scholarships from, inter alia, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Foundation for Polish Science, the Kosciuszko Foundation, French Embassy, and “Polityka” weekly. Among his translation works there are books by Alain Badiou, Derek Attridge, Slavoj Zizek, Jacques Rancière. He published, inter alia, in “Principia”, “Sztuka i filozofia” [Art and Philosophy], “Literatura na świecie” [World Literature], “Dialog”[Dialogue], “Krytyka Polityczna” [Political Critique], “Przegląd Filozoficzno-Literacki” [Philosophical-Literary Review], “Pamiętnik Literacki” [Literary Memoir], “Kresy”[Borderlands], “Teatr” [Theatre], and “Arkadia”. Editor of the volume "Maurice Blanchot. Literatura ekstremalna"[Maurice Blanchot. Extreme Literature] (2007) and the author of: "Polityka teatru. Eseje o sztuce angażującej" [Politics of the Theatre. Essays on Engaged Art] (2008), "Godard. Pasaże" [Goddard. Passages] (2010), and "Idea potencjalności. Możliwość filozofii według Giorgio Agambena" [The Idea of Potentiality. Potential according to Giorgio Agamben]  (2013).

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