Between the Elusive and the Concrete. A lecture by Gregor Stemmrich.

Incomplete Information, Enigmatic Paradox, and Delusive Humor in Stephen Kaltenbach’s Art

ms², Ogrodowa 19, audiovisual room
1 June 2017, Thursday, at 18:00 hrs, admission free

Stephen Kaltenbach’s art production spans a time period of 50 years. He was a shooting star of the emerging movement of Conceptual art in New York in 1967 but removed himself from this scene very early and became a (sort of) regional artist at the West coast. What seemed to be a clear break with his past, however, was never meant as such. The lecture is using the available information (which is rather limited) about Kaltenbach’s artistic development in order to shed light on persistent attitudes in his approach to the making of art. At the same time it will relate Kaltenbach’s artistic output to similar approach by other artists and thereby highlight the sub-/cultural climate of these productions.

Gregor Stemmrich is Professor of Art & Art History at the New York University Abu Dhabi. He was Professor of modern and contemporary art at the Free University in Berlin (2007-2015) and Professor for the art history of the 20th/21st century at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts (1999-2007). Book publications (selection): Minimal Art. Eine kritische Retrospektive (ed., 1995); Jeff Wall. Szenarien im Bildraum der Wirklichkeit (ed., 1997); Kunst/Kino. Jahresring 48 / Jahrbuch für moderne Kunst (ed., 2001); Having been said – Writings and Interviews of Lawrence Weiner 1968-2003 /Gefragt und gesagt – Schriften und Interviews von Lawrence Weiner  1968-2003 (ed., with Gerti Fietzek, 2004). Dan Graham (2008); Kunst als Verhör (2009); Robert Morris: HEARING)/ Listening to HEARING (2012). Numerous publications in catalogues, anthologies, and professional journals. He designed the module Art and Cinematography/ Kunst und Kinematographie for the MediaArtNet/MedienKunstNetz that was implemented by the Center for Arts and Media/ZKM Karlsruhe (

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