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Effectiveness of Art

„Effectiveness of Art” is a multi-voiced elaboration on one of the most important concerns of contemporary art, that of its potential and expected effectiveness. In the expansive volume edited by Tomasz Załuski, in more than twenty essays and interviews, the subject is put to scrutiny by theorists and practitioners of contemporary art. This variety of points of view renders the book a presentation of diverse views, experiences and attitudes, abundant in current references.

The authors take on the notion of effectiveness” is a critical one, providing a broad problematic discussion of the subject. The essays and interviews are grouped around six issues: how art refers to present-day economic phenomena, types of labour and production? Can design shape behaviours and social relations? Further in the book, questions are asked regarding issues of collectivity, participation and political involvement of artists, including those about connections between art and urban activism. Finally, the book tackles issues of whether an art institution can be an instrument of social change, and if there is a common ground nowadays for an alliance between art and science.

The publication recapitulates a three-years’ discussion in the Museum on the subject of the effectiveness of art. Conclusions from that discussion contributed to the final form of the publication.

Concept and academic editorial work: Tomasz Załuski
Academic review: dr hab. prof. UAM Marek Krajewski
Drafting and editing: Kazimiera Kuzborska
Publishing coordination: Ewa Jędrzejczak
Graphic design: Grupa Projektor - Joanna Jopkiewicz and Paweł Ł. Borkowski

ISBN: 978-83-63820-19-0
Published in 2014
Dimensions: 17 x 24 x 4 cm
Cover: paperback
Number of pages: 580
Language: Polish edition
Illustrations: (55 in colour and 30 black & white)

Price: 60 PLN

You can purchase this publication by emailing us at:  ksiegarnia@msl.org.pl






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