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Course Modernisations 1918-1939. The Future Perfect

Museum of Art in Lodz and the University of Lodz invite you to participate in a non-obligatory pilot course accompanying the exhibition „ Modernisations 1918-1939. The Future Perfect”” (curator Andrzej Szczerski).

A series of six lectures (March-May, every other Thursday) conducted by leading Polish specialists from various research and academic centres, introducing historical, cultural, artistic, philosophical and political contexts related to the exhibition.

ECTS points and enrolment

3 ECTS points (a mark to verify completing the course). Students may choose these classes as a part of their studies programme (elective courses) or as an extra-curricular course.

The participation is free.

Course coordinators:
Łukasz Biskupski, Muzeum Sztuki
l.biskupski@msl.org.pl, 502 619 990
dr Tomasz Majewski, University of Lodz


(Thursdays, 6.18 p.m.)

18 March, Modernizations 1918-1939. The Future Perfect conducted by Andrzej Szczerski, Institure of History of Art., Jagiellonian University.

1 April, Social Dimension of Modernisation in the Interwar Period, conducted by Katarzyna Sierakowska, Instute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences.

15 April, Warsaw That Never Came to Be. The Unexecuted Urban Panning and Architectural Projects of the Interwar Period, conducted by Jarosław Trybuś, Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences.

29 April, Avantgarde Modernisation of a City: Peiper, Przyboś, Strzemiński, conducted by Elżbieta Rybicka, Chair of Anthropology of Literature, Jagiellonian University.

13 May, Modernism and Constructing Polish Visual Identity of a Country on the Sea, conducted by Małgorzata Omilanowska, Institute of History of Art., Gdansk University.

27 May, Modernisms and Their Fate: Modernity and Popular Culture, conducted by Tomasz Majewski, Unit of Theory of Culture, University of Lodz. (Zakład Teorii Literatury w Katedrze Mediów i Kultury Audiowizualnej)

Other lectures and events

17 April, Saturday, The Triumph and Tragedy of the Modern Movement in the 1930s., conducted by David Crowley, Royal College of Art, London.

10 April, Saturday, Curator’s tour of the exhibition

25 May, Tuesday, Screening of films about Zlin, introduction by Ewa Ciszewska, Zakład Historii i Teorii Filmu UŁ.

29 May, Saturday, Modernism in Lodz: Wiesław Lisowski, an architect, conducted by Justyna Brodzka.
"Two-Headed Dragon" and "The Abduction of Europa": screening of films about architecture in the interwar period in Warsaw and Katowice (directed by Jadwiga Kocur).




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