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Community council

Social Council is a supportive and advisory body of Muzeum Sztuki in Łodź.
The main tasks of its members include expressing opinions about the development directions of Muzeum Sztuki in Łodź, about achieving statutory objectives of the institution and supporting it with specific initiatives.

Its members include collectors and connoisseurs of art, artists, chairpersons and board members of companies.

Social Council is a body appointed by the Director of Muzeum Sztuki, Mr. Jarosław Suchan.

Social Council meetings are held once a quarter.

List of members of the Social Council of the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź:

Ms. Małgorzata Badowska
Mr. Dariusz Bieńkowski
Mr. Tomasz Domański
Mr. Piotr Dzięcioł
Mr. Ryszard W. Kluszczyński
Ms. Grażyna Kulczyk
Mr. Krzysztof Musiał
Ms. Małgorzata Maria Potocka
Ms. Katarzyna Prokesz
Mr. Paweł Prokesz
Mr. Jarosław Przyborowski
Mr. Józef Robakowski
Ms. Olga Stanisławska
Mr. Jerzy Czubak
Mr. Henryk Ulacha

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