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We invite grown-ups to participate in creative workshops inspired by the methods practiced by Maria Parczewska and Janusz Byszewski. The first one of them is „Marcel’s Gang”, conducted by Agnieszka Wojciechowska-Sej.
Thursday walks are also back at ms2, they start at 5.17 p.m. It is indeed impossible to explore the 20th and 21st century Art Collection at ms2 even during one day: just one minute spent in front of one of half a thousand exhibits means an 8-hour tour. Which ones should you choose? Each trail is a suggestion of a walk around the exhibition following a different trait. Each time the guests will only interpret a few works, but they will do it in a brave and remarkable way. The four topoi of the ms2 exhibition („body, trauma, prosthesis”, „construction, utopia, politicization”, „eye, image, reality”, „object, fetish, phantasm”) are in fact four radica interpretations. On a poster: "Prisms, lenses, points of view" (conducted by Małgorzata Wiktorko), „In Search of Lost Time” (conducted by Małgorzata Wiktorko) and „To See Maturing” ("Dojrzeć dojrzewanie") (conducted by Marta Wlazeł).
Beginning in October, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, we also offer lectures on the history of art in three series: ABC of Art History, XYZ of Art History (XYZ historii sztuki) and ĄĘ of Art History at ms2, 19 Ogrodowa Street.

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