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Accessibility of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź

We strive to make Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź an institution as accessible as possible to everyone!

The entrances to the ms1 and ms2 premises are adapted to the needs of wheelchair users, and are as follows :

ms1 - the entrance from 43 Gdańska Street, through the first opening in the arcades on the left, accessible directly from the sidewalk

ms2 - the entrance from the Manufaktura Market Square

The exhibition halls in both departments as well as in the library and the Open Storage in ms1 are wheelchair accessible. The exception are the exhibition halls in ms1 on the high ground floor, which cannot be reached by the lift from the other newly renovated staircase.

On the walls, next to the lift entrances on each floor in ms1 , there are plaques with the floor plans in Braille. Descriptions above the handles in the toilets in ms1 and ms2 are also available in Braille alphabet.

In ms1, the dog bowl can be found in the courtyard to the left of the entrance.

In ms2, the dog bowl is placed next to the toilets on the right side by the column.

If you need the tour assistance, have a question regarding the availability of events or exhibitions, please get in touch with our accessibility coordinator.

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